Jam Monster Salt Nicotine Collection

Jam Monster Salt Nicotine Collection

RASPBERRY-Toast with raspberry jam and butter. Toast with raspberry jam and butter

Blueberry Salt Nic by Jam Monster Nic Salts brings blueberry jam and buttered toast together for an e-liquid that will leave your breakfast cravings satisfied! Primary Flavors: Blueberry Spread, Evenly Spread Butter, Toasty Toas

Blackberry Salt Nic by Jam Monster brings the tastiest of blackberry jam and savory buttered toast into salt nic form for your vaping enjoyment!

trawberry Nic Salt by Jam Monster. This yummy e-liquid is a buttery piece of toast slathered is deliciously sweet strawberry jam to give you a vape that will satisfy your tastebuds like no other!

PB&J-Jam Monster's take on the classic PB&J sandwich features a creamy peanut butter flavor with a side of sweet strawberry or grape jam.

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